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5659011 - IMILK 600 PAN+SEN (USA)

Milking Machine – Milking Systems - Milking Equipment - 5659011 - IMILK 600 PAN+SEN (USA) - Automation - iMilk600

iMilk600 is the state-of-the-art in electronic milk metering. Advanced electronics and reliable sensors make this new milk meter a unique product; perfect for the Farmer that aims to maximize the dairy herd profit.
The user-friendly panel displays in real-time: milk yield, temperature, milking time, cow number and conductivity. The operator can choose among 3 display configurations: Basic, Graphic and Full-data. The design of the panel is compact and IP67 Protection Class. iMilk600 ensures a gentle take-off, avoiding over-milking. The cow performance are collected and available panel by panel and can be analyzed in order to carry out precise actions for achieving a top milk yield, without compromising the cows’ well-being.
Reliable milk metering (less 2% error)
Gentle take off – no overmilking
Conductivity alert
Data networking feature
Multi-display option
Easy to install and to program

Note: For US market, 3A approved

New: iMilk600 is now available with the new R 4.10 software. Together with the iFC release 1.1.8. it offers these new features:

Ability to quickly separate animals from iMilk600 keyboard
Ability to manage feeding portions from the keyboard 
Ability to divide the milk
LED flash updated for normal version and HD
Ability to manage milking settings for each animal
Ability to configurate the panels remotely from the iFC
Stripping arm function
Fast milking function
The management of TANDEM systems which only works with Kit 5650098 for cows and buffaloes was introduced

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