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Open Day @APA Potenza

On September 27th InterPuls, leader manufacturer in milking machine components, organized an open day in Southern Italy. It was held in cooperation both with the Italian Farmers Association (A.I.A.), in particular with the coordinator of the Milking Checking Service, Dr. Silverio Grande, and with the local Farmers’ Association from Potenza. This open day aimed to show the most innovative products of InterPuls range, to exchange information and to train the technicians of the Milking Checking Service.

Nowadays volatility seems to be the main feature of the market, the milk price goes on fluctuating and thus returning instability, high production costs seem to be the main drivers; in such a scenario InterPuls agrees on the idea that efficiency among the dairy chain is the right answer. Could efficiency exist without technology and innovation? The answer to this question is the key point that has always characterized InterPuls, which is continuously looking for new ideas to widen its product range, to search for innovative solutions in order to match the customers’ needing, with an eye to their reports and advices.

Technology and innovation alone cannot develop efficiency without being used in the right way. For this reason InterPuls believes it is fundamental to promote events that become platform to exchange ideas both for the final users (breeders) and for those who have to check them, to spur and to give them advice. The aim of the event was to have an occasion for manufacturers and technicians to meet, to discuss and get trained. A first theoretical part was dedicated to the introduction to the most innovative and technological products of InterPuls range, to their preview and to gather feedback and comments. The second part took place “on the field”, in a farm where all the participants got the occasion to see and test the products, thanks to the kind cooperation of the company “Zoomilk” and of its holder: Mr. Francesco Spinelli, which is an InterPuls’ dealer on site.

The common target of all the participants, though from different point of view, is the breeder and then the quality of his work and hence the product. The event came out to be really useful. This has been underlined more than once by the participants, because it was a nice occasion to compare experiences, to train on one hand and to gather hints and new ideas on the other. The ability to adapt to the market, the attention paid to the user and his needing, the seriousness and the accuracy are fundamental features for a company as InterPuls, which constantly looks for a successful contact with all the players of the dairy chain.

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