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This web section has been created in cooperation with Dr. Marzio Miodini, trainer of the concept "Segnali dalla Vacca®", to provide to our Dealers with information for a first advising activity towards the Milk Producers. The target of this manual is to collect and share practical and basic information about dairy farming, even for those who are not experts of the sector.

Healthy cows produce more, get sick less and create fewer problems. The cost in terms of work and medical intervention for 1 sick cow corresponds to that of 40 healthy cows. When considering each and every productive factor in the breeding of dairy cows, you must always keep in mind the basic concept from which everything originates: the cow must be able to do what it wants throughout the whole day. How can this be accomplished? By providing the animals with all the basics necessary to guarantee that the conditions on the farm are as similar as possible to those found in their natural environment: the pasture. The barn is the farm environment chosen by men for the cows, even if it is nice-looking, comfortable and efficient, it is and will always be a compromise. Try to ensure that this compromise grants that the animal has living conditions as similar as possible living conditions to those of a pasture.

Feed: each cow must have a place in the feeding alley available

Water: every animal must be able to get to water comfortably, it must be dispensed in the right amount, with the correct flow, of the best quality and at the right temperature. Milk is composed 88% by water!

Air: with a good design of the facility you can provide good ventilation and dissipation of the gases that are generated inside the barn.

Light: Installing skylights/domes and openings, in the roof and in the walls, to ensure at least 18 hours of good light every day.

Rest: cow must be able to rest at least 14 hours per day. The benefits of lying down are: +30% of blood supply to the udder, rested and dry hooves and the animals don’t obstruct the cow-traffic into the barn.

Space: It's totally wrong to consider the space (intended as m2 x cow) just a “cost”. The cow comfort is the best investment to increase the productivity.

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